Rates & Fees

Direct Lenders

Please note we we are not a direct lender, and we do not directly provide loans ourselves. Our website will aid you in the process of finding a loan that best matches your needs.

We have contracts in place with most of the reputable banks and lenders, and based on your personal profile we will match you with a provider and assist in submitting your application.

Please note that our service does not cost you any additional fees. Should your loan be approved by one of the recommended lenders, these lenders may pay us a “finders fee” depending on the nature of our contract with them.

Interest Rate and Loan Terms

Please note that the interest rate quoted via our website is not final, this will be negotiated between yourself and the lender should you decide to initiate the loan. Typically loan interest rates vary between 9.8% and 21% (APR) for medium term loans subject to your personal profile.

Please note that WE DO NOT offer payday loans or short term loans. Our medium term loan periods are from 6 to 59 months (also called the repayment period)