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We collect information from our online visitors by way of opt-in which primarily includes first name, last name and email address, which enables us to provide useful and relevant information to our users, including regular newsletters, promotional offers and other correspondence.

All of our email communication includes our full contact details as well as a fully working one click unsubscribe link, so that any of our contacts who no longer wish to receive communication from us can opt-out at any time.

In addition to this our double confirmed opt-in system ensures that only those people who specifically requested information from us will end up on our list, as all requests to join our contact list need to be confirmed by the user.

Finally, we will not give any information about you to others without your express permission.

If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, please contact us at

How do we use your information?
The information we request from you is the information needed in order to grant a personal loan to you.

How do we share your information?
We will only share your details with our personal loan partner. They will contact you and assist you in your needs. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

How do we use cookies, web beacons, and tracking technologies?
We use cookies to remember your name, email and phone number for 30 days. The tracking technology that we use is Getclicky which will show the actions that you have taken on our website and general information about the time you spend on this website.

How do we protect your information?
Your information is stored on our dedicated servers

How can you control what information is collected and used?
On every email that we send out, we will have a unsubscribe link. You can always opt out whenever you feel the need to do so.

How can you access your information?
If you would like to access your information then you can contact us at info [at]

How can you contact us with privacy questions?
You can contact us at info [at]

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