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Using a personal loan to make money

Taking out a personal loan, in the hopes of making money, is seriously risky business. If you are such a savvy investor that you are sure you will make a good profit, then you should have built up a sizable investment fund by now, in which case, you would not need a personal loan. If you are not an experienced investor, with a proven record of success, then you are really borrowing money to gamble.
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10 easy steps to save money

Saving money is the genesis of a successful financial future. Saving will help you attain all your future financial aspirations. Whether it is securing your retirement, buying your home, securing your children’s education or simply attaining your personal goals such as buying a car or a gift for a friend, saving is the surest pathway.… Continue Reading is not a financial services provider. All content provided on this site is for information purposes only and in no way constitutes legal or financial advice.